ANews, Turkey’s voice abroad, is greeting its viewers all around the World on 3 April 2017. ANews aims to be a voice for both Turkey and the countries in its region by reflecting the truth with a unique perspective. In the light of this information, ANews starts its journey for developing an innovative approach to international journalism.


ANews takes its first step towards being the “New” news channel of the “New World” with the help of an experienced staff and strong past. ANews won’t be a Turkey specific TV Channel, it will be a voice for oppressed people all over the World. ANews aims to be a TV channel that tells the unspeakable realities which are disregarded by the other TV Channels of the World. ANews salutes the World as a national and domestic TV Channel. ANews aims to tell the concerns of Turkey in a language which can be understood by the majority of the World and prevent perception operations against Turkey.



A News, develops a new World class perspective by preserving the traditions and stance of this region. It starts its journey being the voice of lonely people rather than the voice of hegemonic powers. The mission of ANews is to be a loud voice for the virtuous people.



ANews promises more than a newly established TV Channel thanks to its dynamic staff and the experience of Turkuvaz Media Group.ANews will be a new but experienced TV Channel that appeals to millions of viewers all around the world thanks to approximately its one thousand journalists. ANews will cover breaking news with hundreds of journalists in 175 countries and the 81 provinces and 375 municipal district of Turkey, and has the potential to stand as a prominent figure in comparison with its international counterparts.ANews with its journalist network covering the United States of America, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Belgium, the Netherlands, China, Greece, Afghanistan, Iran and other countries has the potential to report breaking news as it happens.

ANews aims to be the TV Channel with the biggest news chasing network in Turkey. The channel has liaison offices in the cities of İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Antalya, Diyarbakır and Trabzon, and it is able to do live coverage from 81 province of Turkey spontaneously.



ANews won’t be specific to Turkey and the broadcasts aired by the channel will reach hundreds of millions of viewers especially in Russia, Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Via Turksat 4A Satellite it reaches EU countries, Iran, Russia and the Balkans; via Es’hailSat Satellite it will reach to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Spain, Portugal, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Amman, Bahrein, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Mauretania, Tunisia, Algeria, Somali and many other countries. In the United States America, A News reaches the audience via Pay TV.

When the accessibility of ANews throughout the world is considered, it has the potential and capacity to reach 1.1 billion viewers at launch.ANews also has the possibility to reach to a target audience with pinpoint accuracy by getting listed on international distribution systems.

ANews which can be viewed through the various leading broadcasting platforms of Turkey, using the following frequency information:

  • Turksat 4A Satellite Frequency: 11999 Mhz Symbol Rate: 11666 FEC: 3/4  Polarizasyon : V ( Vertical) Modulation : DVBS2-8PSK
  • Digiturk 140th Channel
  • Tivibu 188th Channel
  • D- Smart 289th Channel
  • Kablo TV 6th Channel
  • Turkcell TV

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