Sudan photo project

We kindly request support for a German-Sudanese joint cooperation in photography.

We, German photographer Martin Lejeune and Sudanese photographer Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah, want to do a photo book and an exhibition of photos taken in Sudan.

We want to show the true life, real image and multicultural identity of Sudan as one of the most divers countries of the African continent.

We want to travel together through Sudan and take pictures of contemporary issues:

— Sanctions —

How people and economy of Sudan are affected by Sanctions

Photos in the streets, of social life, within factories, in mining

Sudan Airways, Railways: exploring trains and stations around the country


— Tourism in Sudan —

We want to show the new Face of Sudan.

Sudan will be open for Tourists from the whole world.

We want to show the Hotels and

Many people do not know about Tourism sites in Sudan

You cannot find many pictures which reflect Tourism in Sudan


— Climate change —

Desertification, environmental challenges Sudan is facing


— Agriculture —

How Saudi-Arabian companies help Sudan in agriculture


— Modern Sudan —

Urban life style, youth culture as Break-Dancing and Skate-Boarding

New Sudanese Fashion newly interprets a traditional African style going back to the roots

All types of contemporary art of Sudan: music, painting, movies, sculptures


— Migration —

Immigrants and Refugees in Sudan and how Germany and EU help Sudan providing aide to immigrants.


— Tradition/Religion —

We want to show the most beautiful mosques and churches of the country


Nuba Culture, Nuba Wrestling, Nuba Wrestling


— Tribes in Sudan —

There are more than 200 tribes in Sudan.

We want to move around and capture their different types of life.

Just in Nuba, there are 99 tribes


We would be thankful for any support for our project.

Kind regards

Martin Lejeune

Tel.: +49 172 185 2658




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