Sudan is a safe country for tourists from all over the world

Published On: 15. März 2016

Sudan is a safe and great tourist adventure escape with scenic beauty, rich diverse culture, and historical sites to visit.

The International tourism fair Berlin (ITB) is the world’s leading travel trade show hosting 10,000 exhibitors from 180 countries. Sudan had a colourful presentation that got a lot attention by the visitors from all over the world. As Africa’s second largest country, Sudan is bordered by seven countries: Egypt, Libya, Chad, Central Africa, Eritrea, Ethiopia and South Sudan.

Dr. Mohamed Abuzaid Mustafa M. Gameel, Minister of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife, who sees European countries as important markets for out-going tourism to Sudan, was visiting the ITB to highlight the rich and great potential of Sudan. According to the 58 year old Minister, “the Sudan as a tourist destination is unknown outside the country because most foreign media provide only a bad image of Sudan. Foreigners who live in Sudan know that the allegations against Sudan are not true. Sudan is a safe country.”

Indeed, Sudan is one of the safest countries of the Arab world and of the African continent. Sudan is much safer than Egypt, Tunisia and Libya and as safe as Morocco.

Sudan has a cultural diversity including a pentatonic music scale, rhythm and accompanying dances. There is an ethnic and linguistic conglomeration consisting of about 500 tribes speaking 60 languages.

Sudan is the place of the whole story of mankind from its first beginning millions of years ago until today with its contemporary friendly people of worm hospitality. The archaeologists Jacques Rein Old and Lech Krzyzaniak wrote: “The Sudan plays a direct role in the earliest stages of human evolution.”

Sudan is most famous for its eight national parks and many archaeological sites that present the ancient times of Nuba, Napata, Kerma, Meroitic and Kush civilizations and include hundreds of pyramids of the third millennium B. C.

The mountainous areas of Marra, Barkal, El Kurru and Nuba are great spots to hike and trek with clean air and breath-taking sceneries.

The Governor of the Red Sea State, Mr. Ali Ahmed Hamid, also visited ITB Berlin along with Minister Gameel.

Governor Hamid is highlighting Sudan’s 750 km shore and sensational beaches that are not overcrowded yet. “Along the Sudanese Red Sea coastline there are fantastic coral reefs and diving resorts”, Governor Hamid says and he is also pointing out the old Suakin Island from the mid-fifteenth century as a worthy tourist destination in this state. The buildings at Suakin Island are made of coral stones washed with lime and having a Turkish or Egyptian style. Suakin Archipelago host a wealth of marine biodiversity and species that are only endemic to the Red Sea.

Beside the shore, the Niles and other rivers are a major attraction and also provide a wide range of activities such as cruises, sport fishing, white water rafting, and bird watching. The Nile is surrounded with wonderful wetlands, which are inhabited all year round with thousands of bird species including some migratory birds.

The capital has several sights to offer such as the Camel Marekt Soug Abu Zeid held every Wednesday and Saturday in West Omdurman, Horse Racing at a trak in the Southern Part of Khartoum every Friday afternoon between November and July, and traditional folklore Wrestling Tournaments on Fridays in the Nuba community In the Al-Haj Yousif district.

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